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Red Alert 3

Red Alert 3 is very good RTS game.You can see many improvements added to the game,it is so much like Command & Conquer Tiberium Wars but it has different Civs (Sovites, The Allied, The Empire Of Rising Sun).EA spent a lot of money developing this game and you can see this from the videos that feature a real actors like the beatifull actresses you can see and the one from prison break seasone four(the actor that represents the son of the leader of The Empire Of Rising Sun, you can see him in the main video when you choose to play their campaign).

The story of the game is very impressive I advise you to see the main video game to understand the story, when you do this I gurrantee that you will play the game to see more videos of the story, it looks more a like movie.

1-Improved graphics.
2-Very Impressive Story line.
3-Old units used from the Red Alert 2.(Yes it is Red Alert 3)
4-Very Stable game.
5-Good update system.

1-It needs very high specs to enjoy playing the game because of high effects the game uses.
2-Few Civs.(Limited units to choose)
3-Limited maps.

Here are some screenshots of the game:
1-Main Menu:

2-Updating message:


4-Loading Screen(Changes Frequently):

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