PTC Hell is here if any site scames you, then report it to me via my email and I will burn it instantly like their legendary payments system or in 5-14 business days(huh..).

If you want to prove that site is a scam, please do this:

1-Give reasons:Very Big Delays in payments more than issued in their TOS, ads do not pay, cancelled memberships with no reason ,ads displayed on their own site says they are scam,......etc.

2-Send images if avaliable.

3-The name of the site admin if you know.

But YMDK(You Must Deeply Know) that i will say this "The site is a scam and reported via Your Name" if i am not a member of it.

If you want to report a site that (you don't know if it pays or not) please send me a link to their forum,then the site will be added to PTC Near Hell category if confirmed.

PTC Near Hell category will contain levels:1-PTC Very Near Hell the site will be pushed to Hell soon.
                                                               2-PTC Approches To Hell the site has slow payments but not very slow.
                                                               3-PTC Looking Forward To Hell the site has unsustainable click rates

Hell manager