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 MPSV Text Encrypter v1.1

MPSV Text Encrypter is very creative software designed to encrypt your sensetive text documents like Diaries ,personal information ,passwords and any other text file you want.  

MPSV Text Encrypter has its own way in decrypting/encrypting text files ,new ,very fast and very secure, Download here or go to Downloads Section.

1-Very secure and reliable
3-Easy to use
4-It is Free.

Good computer ,Windows Xp or Windows Vista with Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or later.

Some FAQs:
What Text file types are supported by this program?
Currently .txt and .rtf file types supported only.

How your software is very secure?
It never stores your passcode in the encrypted file and your passcode length can be up to 15 numbers, so there are trilions of possibilites for your passcode if it is 15 numbers.

But If I enter wrong passcode ,what will happen?
Actually, the program will try to decrypt the text with entered passcode and the result will be one of two results, wrong output or even cannot decrypt the text.

I want personal version for me ,This version must have the ability to decrypt the files I encrypted using the free version and encrypted files using this version cannot be decrypted using the free version, So can you do it?
Sure i can, but the first method will cost some money, Just five dollars or you can have your personal version for free by joining the first website in "earn money" section and reach 100 clicks (you even earn money also if you choose the second method).

Here are some screenshots to help you understand the software:
1.Main: Here you choose if you want to encrypt text file already exist or write new text and encrypt it.

2.If you choose to encrypt by writing new text.

3.If you want to encrypt from text files and here you can decrypt files that have been encrypted by previous method.
Just click browse and choose the file type if it is .metf the decrypt button will be enabled other types encrypt button
will be enabled

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