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Earn Money By Traffic Exchange Sites

January 8, 2009
Most of the webmasters these days are joining what they call "Traffic Exchange Sites".But for what purpose?
You may say:"what is this stupid question?" but be with me for only five minutes.

I joined one of these sites to get traffic to my site, and to be specific the site is, but what i did really see in this site, that some people are joining to earn money directly from the site by surfing more than 1000 sites each day so they can earn 30 cents that the site promises when you surf 1000 sites.

But surfing this number of sites needs a lot of time and i was shocked that some surfers reach more than 2000 sites per day and i did some calculations if i want to reach this number how many hours should I spend to get those 60 cents.
If you want to surf from site to another to earn credits and money,you need to wait 15 sec between both sites,so 15 * 2000 equals 30000 secs about 500 minutes and if we change this to hours we have 8 hours, 19 min and 48 sec.

The calculation I made before is specificly for and it is without the time you spend reading the word or make the calculation they want you to click,so you can surf to another site.

So what i recommend is to use these sites(I recommend,is just to have traffic to your site, not for direct earning.if you want real money work hard in real life and/or put some ads on your site to earn money.



December 5, 2008
Hello Every Body,
I am Musab from jordan, I am programer.
I make my own programs and I would like to share these programs with you.

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