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 Hamachi is one of the best tools to play games multiplayer with your friends,all you need is to join one of the avalibale Networks and chat with one of the players to start playing.

So here I make a list of hamachi networks and games ,some are available and some are full:

Note: The list will be update regularly.
         The colors have meanings, check at the bottom of the page to know the meanings.
         If you don't have Hamachi, you can download it from this site, Click here.
         If you want to add network for any game just contact me at OR you can fill the form at the bottom of the page.
         We don't accept any network for A0+ games(if any exists).
         The network name and password are case sensitive.

Red Alert 3 - rtsu.redalert3_1 ,rtsu.redalert3_2 ,rtsu.redalert3_3 ,rtsu.redalert3_4 ,rtsu.redalert3_5 ,rtsu.redalert3_6 ,rtsu.redalert3_7 ,rtsu.redalert3_8 ,rtsu.redalert3_9 ,rtsu.redalert3_10 ,rtsu.redalert3_11 ,rtsu.redalert3_12 ,rtsu.redalert3_13 ,rtsu.redalert3_14 ,rtsu.redalert3_15 ,rtsu.redalert3_16 ,rtsu.redalert3_17 ,rtsu.redalert3_18 ,rtsu.redalert3_19 ,rtsu.redalert3_20 ,rtsu.redalert3_21 ,rtsu.redalert3_22 ,rtsu.redalert3_23 ,rtsu.redalert3_24 ,rtsu.redalert3_25 ,rtsu.redalert3_26 ,rtsu.redalert3_27 ,rtsu.redalert3_28 ,rtsu.redalert3_29 ,rtsu.redalert3_30 ,rtsu.redalert3_31 ,rtsu.redalert3_32 ,rtsu.redalert3_33 ,rtsu.redalert3_34 ,rtsu.redalert3_35 ,rtsu.redalert3_36 ,rtsu.redalert3_37. (No more networks will be created under this name by me)
                 - Pass: rtsu

                 - HND4.redalert3
                 - Pass: hnd4

                 - MPSV-Redalert3_1 ,MPSV-Redalert3_2 ,MPSV-Redalert3_3 ,MPSV-Redalert3_4
                 - Pass: MPSV

                 - raggeee
                 - Pass: 123

Age of Empires The Conquerors Expansion - AOE-CE_1 ,AOE-CE_2 ,AOE-CE_3
                 - Pass: AOE

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare - MPSV.COD4_1 ,MPSV.COD4_2 ,MPSV.COD4_3
                 - Pass: COD

Unknown - fullhouse  ,pass:123

Color Meanings:  Blue - The network is avalibale
                         Red - The network is full (but maybe one of the players leave the network so you can join)
                         Green - Game name
                         Light Green - Notes
                         White - Information

first write " Hamachi network:'your network' " and then write " pass:'your pass' "

e.g."Red alert 3"

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